Tuesday, July 27

You're killing me, Smalls... (Sandlot S'mores)

 Summer, anyone?

First, you take the graham.

You put the chocolate on the graham.

Then you roast the mallow.

When the mallow's flaming, you put it on the chocolate.   Then you cover it with the other end.

Then you stuff it.

If you got that reference in under 5 seconds, we might be best friends!

 It's been too hot to roast mallows outside, so I opted to use the broiler and make them into cookies for Mandatory Margarita Mojito Movie Monday night.  

(A note about chocolate:  I'm from Pennsylvania.  I have heard that there are other forms of chocolate, and that they might even be pretty good, but for s'mores, there is nothing better than Hershey's.  Made into the perfect s'more size, with the perfect amount of sweetness...go ahead, try something else, but me, I'm a purest.)

Sandlot S'mores
18 graham crackers, broken cleanly in half
6 full size Hershey bars
36 large marshmallows

Turn on your broiler to high heat (400-450 degrees).  Line a baking sheet (I used my bar/cookie stoneware from Pampered Chef) with parchment paper.  Lay one half of each graham cracker end to end on the sheet.  Place two pieces of chocolate on the graham.  Cut the mallows in half, lay on top of the chocolate.  Place in the broiler for 3-4 minutes, until the mallows are flaming (as much as you want).  Remove, top with the remaining chocolate (two pieces each) and replace in the broiler for 2-3 minutes, until melted.  Remove and immediately top with the other half of the graham.  Eat immediately.  Or, allow to cool for 1-2 hours for a different, yet still delicious, texture.

Gooey, chocolate infused marshmallow noms!

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