Wednesday, December 29

Snowed In... (Throw Pillows)

It snowed here on Monday, about 12 inches.  I love snow.  Snow means that my hardworking golfer husband gets to take it easy for a few days.  Since school doesn't start again until Jan 3, we get another entire week together this week!  So far we've laid around, ate a lot, played in the snow with Layla, caught up on our DVR'd television, did the whole post-holiday clean up and generally relaxed.  It's nice.  :o)

Bob gave me this on our first Christmas together, so long ago!

I have not, however, turned on my oven.  I can't.  The idea of more butter and sugar gives me palpitations.  Next week, I promise I'll have some deliciousness, but for now I have something else.  Not delicious, but something I'm thoroughly proud of.

Throw pillows!

A few weeks ago during finals week, I bought a sewing machine on Craigslist.  My grandmother sews; she made my mother's wedding dress, my First Communion dress, and a gazillion more things for a gazillion people over the years.  She's very good.  Thinking that maybe this could be an undiscovered talent in my bloodline, and inspired by my classmate Palak over at Sew Knot Kneaded, I wanted to try it for myself.  Armed with my new sewing machine, some bobbins and one lone needle, I decided that my first project should be something kind of easy.  Something like throw pillows.  Throw pillows, at least the ones I seem to like, are kind of pricey, so I thought it might be fun to make my own.

Not very fancy, but for my first whirl at this sewing thing, I think they turned out pretty well. 

Don't worry, tomorrow I have some savory fun planned for us!  :o)

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