Wednesday, June 9

Almost there...

(They're just as heavy as they look!)
One final down, one to go. The first was at 10 am and the second isn't until 2.45, so I'm sitting in the library with my trusty computer, thinking of all the things I'm going to do over the break. The nursing program that I'm in is a second degree, accelerated program, which means that the lib ed credits from my first bachelor's degree (in psychology & sociology) all transfer and I only have to take the nursing classes, which are accelerated in a 1 year, 4 quarter format. The first quarter will be over once I take this exam, and then we'll have 11 days of freedom until the craziness starts again. So far, my to-do list during this time includes:

1. Sleep past 7 am. Even just sleep to 7.35 would be acceptable.
2. Paint the remaining white walls on the first floor of our house. I can't have white walls - they scream out "paint me! any color you want!" I'm going to be painting the living room and dining room a cream color (they already have blue/green accents) and the hallway by the kitchen salmon (to match the upstairs hallway). This will be difficult in places because someone who lived here before us painted the hallway with what looks like an extra-rough roller, giving the walls an awful stucco-esque appearance. I don't know how I'm going to do this, but I can imagine it involves sanding something.
3. Bake butterscotch blondies. This was inspired by the elderly gentleman who sat beside us at the Phillies game on Monday eating a TastyKake butterscotch krimpet (in 6 bites! twice as much as the normal 3!). I figured, as delicious as they are, I can certainly make a batch that taste just as good and aren't full of chemical preservatives.
4. Recover the antique chairs we have that would be awesome if it weren't for the ugly yellow-green fabric and the squeaky springs.
5. Plant some flowers in our front yard. This is a scary thing for me. First, I hate bugs and dirt, so gardening will probably never become a full time hobby. Second, I kill things, especially green things that need water. Sooo...this should be interesting.

I'm sure more things will be added to this list, but I think this is a pretty good start. Bring on the freedom!

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