Saturday, June 12

Toast & Chairs (Bob's Blueberry Toast)

Our house is now completely painted! I would have taken pictures of my hard work, but the color is so light that it doesn't show up very well. It looks very finished in person, though!

I said that I would post a picture of the blueberry toast that B eats every morning on the homemade bread. I broke out the good china for these pictures, haha.

Bob's Blueberry Toast
2 pieces of bread, lightly toasted
cream cheese
cinnamon and sugar

Assemble as listed above. Yum!

Also, I spent the day recovering our ugly antique chairs. They were handed down to my husband from Great Uncle So-and-so, and could be nice chairs, if it weren't for the hideous upholstery job. I recovered them with some fabric from Joann Fabrics and some trim. OK, that's a lie. I recovered one. It was such a pain, especially around the corners, that I gave up for one day and will cover the second tomorrow. The transformation is striking, though.

Ugly chairs.

Not quite as ugly chair. I'll tackle the next one tomorrow. :-)

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