Sunday, June 20

Happy Father's Day! (Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy)

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there...mine especially!

We don't look related, do we?

I made my dad a special something for today - Gramma K's chocolate peanut butter fudge. You hear the story about how everyone thinks that their grandmothers make the best chocolate chip cookies from their secret recipes, only to discover that the cookies are made from the recipe on the back of the Toll House bag. This story is kind of like that.

Growing up, my sibs and I had access to 2 kinds of fudge - the fudge Gramma Krepich made (our dad's mom), and the fudge everyone else made (read: mostly our two older cousins who always went crazy with fudge and Christmas cookies). Now, I'm not a fudge-crazed person, like my brother, who scarfs down every piece of the rich chocolaty stuff within a 5 mile radius. I always like Gramma K's fudge better - to me, the flavor was more pure and it wasn't as sickly sweet. When my grandparents moved into the assisted living facility and I realized that there wouldn't be any more fudge, I asked my dad to get me the recipe. When he sent it to me, I was so devastated that I never made it until today.

It's not really fudge. It's just candy.

Now, deep down, I always knew this. The stuff is just too different from fudge to really be fudge. But still...I expected something different. Something with more - pizzazz. But all last week, thinking about what to get for Father's Day, I realized that this would be a great opportunity to try making it. And sure enough, though whatever I made is definitely not fudge, it certainly is delicious.

And so, without further ado...

Nom nom nom nom nom

Gramma K's Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy
16 oz semi-sweet baking chocolate
16 oz peanut butter morsels (I used Reese's)

Grease an 8x8 glass baking dish, then line with waxed paper. (Don't skip the first step. I did, and I was sorry. Gramma knows best.) In a double boiler, melt the chocolate, pour into the pan. Allow to cool (but not all the way, otherwise the two layers won't combine correctly). In a clean double boiler, melt the peanut butter morsels. Pour over the chocolate layer. Chill for several hours, until set. Remove from pan, peel off waxed paper and cut into bite sized pieces. Enjoy childhood for a few more minutes.

Layla's too sleepy to care that she can't have chocolate.

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  1. Great blog site!! If it wasn't for you and your persistent Mom, I wouldn't have my own blog site! Viewing yours made me believe I could do it. I get a chuckle from yours! Love the recipes, especially loved the "Shirt cover Pillows"! Good luck with all your endeavors! PS... enjoy looking at the pics you send to your Mom of C. He's a cutie!!!


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