Tuesday, May 24

Full House (Sticky Buns)

For the past few days, my best friend Theresa and her new baby Nevaeh have been staying with us during a move.  It's been awesome to have them here, and I'll be very sad to see them go tomorrow.  It's always fun to have a baby around, and Nevaeh is such a sweetie pie.  Hubby, pup and I have had a little taste of what's in store for us in November.  Oh boy.  :o)

Wednesday, May 18

Baby Steps... (Key Lime Cheesecake)

Hennebaby is 13 weeks!  We had our first ultrasound last week - it was incredible to see this tiny little life bopping around inside of me.  I can't wait until I get a bump and can start to feel the little guy (or girl) in there!  This itty bitty little person that we made.  That we're responsible for creating and growing and nurturing for the rest of its life.

And that is itself responsible for all the craziness going on in my body.  So far this week has been a little better, but I'm still scared to eat normal food.  I've been carbing it up since I got sick - toast, granola bars, scones, if it's flour based I eat it.  I'm hoping that this week I can get up the courage to eat a salad.  I never thought I would miss vegetables quite like I do now.   Our 2nd anniversary was on Monday, and when we went out to dinner I took a risk and had zucchini fritti for an appetizer - I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. 

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