Tuesday, January 31

Scrumptious Resolutions (Mediterranean Slow Cooker Chicken)

I know this isn't the best picture.  It was taken one handed at night in my poorly lit kitchen with my cell phone.  But trust me when I tell you that this is a delicious recipe and that you should try it immediately.

My food-related New Years resolution is to use my Crock-Pot more often.  Now that Hennebaby is awake more and more, and now that I've gone back to work, it's so easy to throw things in there and let it work its slow cooker magic.  I have a soup recipe that I'll post soon, but for now I want to share this chicken dish with you.

Friday, January 13

Just Do It (Raspberries and Cream Tart)

Sometimes you gotta go for it.  You gotta take the new job.  You gotta have that second glass of wine.  You gotta say I do.  You gotta close your eyes, open the door and just do it.

Sometimes, you gotta buy raspberries in January.

I know, I know.  I believe in buying in season like all the organic earth mothers out there.  Usually summer fruit is reserved for summer.  But...but...there I was, buying carrots and potatoes, when across the produce aisle I spied these yummy berries.  They were so red, so plump and delicious looking that I caved in and bought them.
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