Friday, January 18

After the Holidays (Honey Cranberry Scones)

So it's been a while.  There were holidays and trips and cleaning and work and all those other things that make up a life.  But today there was a break in the action, and the kiddo and I had a play date with our neighbors across the way.   I love our neighborhood; our neighbors are some of the sweetest you could hope for.  There are trees and grass and other kids to play with once Chase gets big enough to care about playing with other kids.  This is a wonderful place to raise a family, and as more young families move in around us the happier I am that we chose to live here.

In the interest of time and healthy yumminess, I opted for this easy scone recipe for our mid morning snack.  I used whole wheat flour and only a few tablespoons of brown sugar to up the health factor (or at least decrease the dessert factor) and added dried cranberries.  You could easily substitute whatever fruit you have on hand or have a hankering for.  Just make sure you share them with friends.  :-)
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