Sunday, June 26

Garden State (Sour Cherry Crumb Cake)

When I begrudgingly accidentally grumpily optimistically moved to Jersey 5 years ago, I imagined it as the land of parking lots, strip malls, toxic waste and Tony Soprano.  It was the place you scoffed at from other states; where fresh air was a pipe dream and the roads were clogged with big haired women in oversize SUVs on their way to the mall.  

OK, so maybe I still scoff at North Jersey.

But where I live, in South Jersey, is totally different.  I live in a suburban neighborhood like the Wonder Years.  Our grass grows like it's on steroids.  Not five minutes away is a cute little center of town where you can grab a smoothie or a coffee and wander down the streets, window shopping and people watching.

I might kind of like it here.

(Don't tell my husband.  He'll never believe you anyway.)

Wednesday, June 22

Summer Projects (Pina Colada Scones)

Happy First Full Day of Summer!!  It's been a busy few weeks - I started my new job two weeks ago!  So far, I love it.  It's interesting and challenging, and I'm learning more from my preceptor than nursing school ever taught me.  The other nurses on the floor are extremely helpful and sweet, and I'm starting to feel like I fit in.  The twelve hour shifts have taken a little getting used to, but I'm loving the schedule of working 3 days a week.  Not having to wear bright yellow scrubs that scream "student!!  student!!" is pretty sweet, too.

We've also been organizing, cleaning, painting and moving furniture to get ready for Hennebaby's arrival.  I know we have plenty of time before November, but Hubby and I are too excited to wait any longer.  Our next ultrasound is scheduled for the first week of July, and we should be able to find out Hennebaby's sex then.  Then the real fun begins!!  :-)

In the midst of all this, I have been in the kitchen occasionally, but until today I haven't made anything else.  I had a craving for Pineapple Slush and Blueberry Tarts, which I indulged, but until today I hadn't made anything new.  This morning, I opened my fridge, pushed past the the milk, the half empty cartons of strawberries and the chicken leftovers to find these little guys:

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