Tuesday, July 30

Fresh (Greek Pita Pizza)

So...it's been a while.  

First, we remodeled our kitchen (yay!) and I wasn't able to cook or bake for almost 12 weeks. 

Then, I had a beautiful new kitchen.

Then, I woke up one morning to take the exam to get certified to administer chemotherapy.  This is a certification that I've wanted to get since I started nursing school.  A friend from work and I took the class together, driving up to North Jersey to this tiny little community hospital and sitting in a freezing cold room with no windows through boring lectures about side effects and IV access and tumor lysis syndrome.  And on the morning of the last day of the class when we were to sit for the exam, I took another test of my own.  

Turns out, we have a Hennebaby 2.0 on the way!!
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